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Looking for a caterers in Cork to cater for your next event, then La Trattoria is the only place to go. One of the best family catering companies in Cork, they will happily work with you to develop a package that suits your budget TODAY. Offering great packages for all your home catering needs in Cork.

La Trattoria offering party catering in Cork catering for birthdays, christenings, hen parties, groom parties, weddings, funerals, communions and confirmations.  Choose from their set menus or contact them to tailor your menu to your needs and budget. Offering great rates for event or home catering needs in Cork.

La Trattoria also cater to business events and parties. They offer a range of party packs which will ensure your office Christmas party, social event, promotional event or business meeting needs are met.

Call TODAY and book La Trattoria Party Caterers Cork for your next event.

Party Catering Cork

Party Catering Cork; we supply the food and you supply the occasion/party/function/21st/house party/office

(Minimum Order for Delivery)

All prices include free delivery within Midleton

Quality Guaranteed Always!

Choose from our set menus or call in and tailor a menu to suit your budget

BBQ Service also available on request

48 Main Street Midleton, Co. Cork

Tel: 021 4631341 or email

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Home & Business Party Catering Cork – La Trattoria One of The Best Catering Companies Cork

Catering Menu

Party Savouries

Hot dogs (20)                                      €50.00

Cocktail sausage (100)                       €25.00

Sausage rolls (50)                               €25.00

Chicken goujons spicy (50)                €47.00

Onion rings (50)                                  €35.00

Mini-beef burgers (30)                        €35.00

New mini pork ribs (60)                     €40.00

Spicy chicken wings (50)                   €50.00

Spicy chicken drumsticks (50)           €50.00

Chicken nuggets (50)                          €35.00

Mini-chicken burger (30)                    €35.00

Assorted sandwiches (12)                   €26.00

Pizza 12” 2 toppings (3)                     €27.00

Thai veg samosas (50)                        €35.00

Breaded garlic mushrooms (50)         €26.00

Spicy wedges (2kg)                            €24.00

New garlic bites bread (50)                €25.00

New spicy curly wedges (2kg)           €24.00

Black & white pudding (50)               €27.00

Mini spring rolls (50)                          €35.00

Mini-chicken skewers (30)                 €50.00

Mini vol Au vents seafood (50)          €60.00

Mini chich/mush vol Au vents (50)    €60.00

Savoury crustades (50)                       €50.00

Gourmet petite crolines (50)               €50.00

New savoury classic canapes (50)      €40.00

Seafood Specialties

party catering cork

Full dressed salmon                            €85.00

Full seafood dressed salad                  €85.00

Full lobster dressed                             €120.00

Goujons of plaice                                €65.00

catering companies cork

Full Hot Ready to go Meals

Roast stuffed turkey & ham

Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding

Beef & Guinness stew

Oz burger in onion & gravy

Shepherd’s pie

Shank of lamb

All of the above served with veg & potato

Thai chicken curry

Sweet & sour chicken

Lasagna (the real deal)

All of the above served with savoury rice 20 portion €180.00


Filled cold mead salad plates

Including 2 meats & 4 salads with crusty roll & butter         €8.75

Salads include: coleslaw, potato salad, tossed vingrette, apple & celery, savoury pasta, curried rice, egg mayo, red cabbage mayonnaise, cheese, tuna & sweetcorn.

Homemade Soup (60 portions) €100

Served with crusty roll and butter

Soups include: Mushroom, creamy vegetable, Italian tomato, carrot & coriander, Thai chicken, Moroccan lentil.

Classic Sandwich Selection

Mini ciabatta, bagel, focaccia, wraps, polar bread (20 portions of any) €75.00

Pancetta and Melon, lettuce, red onion, & relish

Ham, wholegrain mustard, lettuce, cooleeny cheese, jalapeno relish

Pastrami, cheese, tomato, basil, garlic, red onion

Chicken, Thai curry dressing, lettuce, cashew nuts, lime zest


Apple Danish pie (16)                         €28.00

Chocolate fudge (16)                          €28.00

Tiramisu                                              €24.00

Banoffi pie                                          €40.00

Choice of cheese cakes                       €35.00

Mini apple pies (30)                            €30.00

Mini muffins (30)                               €30.00

Mini Danish (25)                                 €25.00

Mini chocolate éclairs (60)                 €25.00

La Trattoria Professional Caterers Cork for all your occasions and events

Book La Trattoria Party Catering Cork. One of the most professional catering companies Cork

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